Skydiver: Angelique Blank

Skydive 2020

I'm jumping out of a perfectly good plane because...

I want to make a difference for New Zealanders with vision loss. That's why I'm doing the Blind Low Vision NZ Skydive! I'm taking on this challenge to support Vinnie’s cool cousins, Kate and Sienna. They both have an incurable condition affecting their optic nerve, causing serious deterioration and moderate to severe vision loss. 

This year, Kate can no longer read any print unless the font size is 96 or above. She was an avid reader so this has been really tough for Kate. Sienna cannot see anything clearly beyond 3 metres and close up is hard to see too. As you can imagine these issues make schoolwork very tricky and tiring for both of them and they need lots of adaptations (extra large computer screens, audio readers, magnifying tools). 

My awesome nieces are supported by Blind Low Vision NZ - they do amazing work and help Kate and Sienna a great deal! 

I'll be jumping from at least 9,000ft and will be free-falling at over 200kmph! Please support me by making a donation to my fundraising page so that people with vision loss can live their lives without limits. Thank you in advance for your kindness and generosity. Cheers Ang xox

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Monday 16th Nov
Thanks to everyone who has donated to this great cause... I’m at the top of the leaderboard!! Woohoo!!

Target doubled and surpassed!!

Sunday 1st Nov
A huge THANKS for all of the donations... big and small! I doubled my target to $2K on day 1 and donations are nearly at $3K now! I am so so appreciative... eek no backing out now, my jump is locked in!

Thank you to my Sponsors



We will be cheering for you Ang!


Megan Kensington


Rhys Astoralli

Good luck!!


Nic & Brendon Dennison

I would actually pay not to jump out of a plane so go you ! Here’s to the beautiful girls Kate and Sienna and there just as special mum. X


Rachel O’connell

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts Ang. Love Sienna and Kate, Mark & Rach ❤️❤️❤️❤️


Gayle Mcgregor

Go Ang!


Glenn Neil


Robyn And Selwyn Neil

It's awesome that you are doing this Angelique, very brave and very caring. x


Shirley Dunstall

Fantastic Ang, go you!


Belinda, Tycho, Lucie And Laura Treumann

Very brave! What a great way to raise support for Sienna and Kate. Good luck!


Angelique Blank


Cherie Player

OMG - go you!!!!!


Janine Jurkovich

What a wonderful thing to do for your gorgeous nieces! Go you!


Jason Mccrea


The Bosleys ??


Rachael Carroll

Wonderful that you are able to help beautiful SiSi and Kate!! Rach Carroll (friends of O'Connells from across the ditch!)


Pam Shanley



Good stuff!


Rachel Iversen


Emily Somerville-ryan

What a brilliant person you are!! We love SIeSie and Kate too so are 100?hind you xxx


Fynn Liu

So caring and so brave Angelique!! Enjoy the free falling xx


Sam Oconnell

Awesome cause! Good luck 😊


Mary Rhymes

An incredible cause and an amazing thing to do. Good luck and enjoy!


Vanessa Biddles


Gayle Richardson

Good luck!



Have an amazing jump Angelique and so awesome you’re doing this for Sienna & Kate and the foundation 🙏🏼❤️😍


Tracy Gaughan

Goooooooo Ang!!!!!!!


Mavis Lowe


Miranda Simmonds

Go Ang!!


Fraser And Kelly Cameron

Good luck!!! What an amazing thing to do x


D&h&s&a Wallace


Tania Macdonald

What an awesome Aunty x


Tracey Lougheed

Enjoy the drop!! Good luck Angelique you brave girl.


Kylie Gladding


Kylie Kozenof

What an awesome Aunty Kate & Sienna have!! Goodluck !!


Marlene Sokolich

When are you doing the jump? You are very brave. Good on you!!!