Our 2022 goal

By Cristina Frial

At OCULA, we’re exceptional at what we do. Here, we’re all about eyes. But more to the point, we’re all about your eyes.

In 2022, one of OCULA’s goals is to give a little extra help to the people who need the most, that’s why this year we will create a series of fundraising events within each of the practices so we are happy to dedicate a special day to New Zealanders with vision loss.

Every day six New Zealanders turn to Blind Low Vision NZ for support with sight loss. That’s why we are taking on this challenge.

Please make a donation to our fundraising page to make sure Blind Low Vision NZ can be there to provide practical and emotional support services and ultimately empower New Zealanders who are blind, deafblind, or low vision to live the life they choose.

Thanks in advance for your support!

OCULA team