Skydiver: Dominic Pfister

Skydive 2020

I'm jumping out of a perfectly good plane because...

Hi I'm Dominic, thanks for clicking my link! I want to make a difference for the visually impaired New Zealanders, who just want to live as normal of a life as they can. The Blind Low Vision Foundation does some great work in helping these people by supporting New Zealanders with visual impairments, both emotionally and practically. They advocate for inclusive communities and pave the way for rehabilitation, helping them face their futures with confidence, and live a fulfilling life! On average Blind Low Vision NZ has 6 people turn to them for support, every day!

To support these people, I aim to conquer my fears and jump out of a plane at a minimum of 9,000 ft, and raise $900 while I am at it. I believe this is a great cause, so I encourage you to look into it, and donate a few dollars to help!

Any support would be much appreciated, and thanks again, for taking the time to check out this great foundation.

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Thank you so much!

Thursday 22nd Oct
Thanks everyone for the very generous donations! I surely appreciate it, and am almost 100% sure the Blind Low Vision NZ foundation greatly appreciates your support!

Only one and a bit months to go until I am supposed to jump out of a perfectly good plane. I'm definitely nervous about the jump, though apparently there isn't much time to think before getting hurled out of the plane! I could well imagine it will be an absolutely exhilarating experience.

Please everyone, have a look into the great work these guys do for the vision impaired, and if you can, I am sure ongoing support from you would be greatly appreciated.

Take care everyone!

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Coni & Ivo

warten auf Fotos 😎


Nye Tatton


Kevin Ackerley

Have fun! Lets help those visually impaired fold out there


Jenna Moynihan

Good on you mate ❤️


Margaret Rawson

Great initiative Dom, I'm way too out of my comfort zone these days to EVER jump out of a plane!



Blind Low Vision NZ wants me to jump out of a plane, to support New Zealanders with vision loss. I am aiming to donate $900 to show my support to the foundation. Blind Low Vision NZ provides practical and emotional support to advocate for inclusive communities and lead the way for vision rehabilitation for New Zealanders with vision impairments, helping them face their futures with confidence, and live a life with no limits! I think this is a great cause, so look into it! If you have any spare change to donate, please donate using the link below! Cheers ya legends!



Pop a manu 🤙


Emily Davies


Ashlynne Pfister


Craig Trigg

Good luck Dom, great to see you supporting your community.