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By Julie Woods

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I’m getting moving to support Blind Low Vision NZ!

On International White Cane Day 2022, my sighted guide Jo Stodart and I completed our goal of walking every street in Dunedin. Finishing off with Every St!

Now we've said "why not" to walking Greater Dunedin, one street at a time and we'd love your help.

By making a donation to Blind Low Vision NZ you would be providing practical and emotional support services and ultimately empowering New Zealanders who are blind, deafblind, or low vision to live the life they choose.

Thanks in advance for your support!

My Updates

An international Influence

Tuesday 8th Aug
Saturday 1 July 
If you asked me where Torquay, Exeter and Exmouth were I would have said in Devon England. 
So, it was a real surprise today to go to Abbortsford as part of walking Greater Dunedin - one street at a time to find all of these streets named after places in Devon.
We also came across Dall Street which is a place in the Hebrides and Schulma Street which is a place in Russia!
Who needs to leave Dunedin when we have streets named after places all over the world!
Thanks for the daring adventure Abbotsford!

Interview Story with Attitude

Tuesday 8th Aug

Follow the link above to watch my story told with Attitude.

"Blind woman Julie Woods doesn’t shy away from challenges. She achieved her aim to visit all seven modern wonders of the world. Now she has a new goal: to walk every street in the Dunedin region."

Smell the roses

Tuesday 8th Aug
Saturday 3 June
This morning our wander around Fairfield as walking Greater Dunedin - one street at a time took us to walk past this beautiful garden.
It’s always important to stop and smell the roses, even though it is winter, Ron and Jo thought this would make a lovely photo.
If you want to see more of us walking the streets of Dunedin you can join us on Attitude tomorrow at 12 noon on TV1. In February the crew from Attitude followed us around the streets of Dunedin and Ron’s studio where they filmed for four and a half days.
It was a privilege to showcase our beautiful city and it’s people.

Kaikorai Lagoon Tees Up Fun

Tuesday 8th Aug
Saturday 29 April
Do you know where Kaikorai Lagoon is?
I didn’t until this morning when we walked around Waldronville as part of walking Greater Dunedin. 
We found it at the end of Kilmarnock Close on this cool and calm day. 
I asked Ron what people did in that water and he replied “get their golf balls out is right next to the Island Park Golf Course.
Love it!

Frosty beginnings

Tuesday 8th Aug
Saturday 18 March
It was absolutely stunning this morning as we walked Greater Dunedin. 
We headed to the outskirts of Green Island to Allen Road South and it was wonderful being out in what I call the country.
Due to it being five degrees, gloves were in order for the first time in 2023!

Footy footy footy!

Tuesday 8th Aug
Saturday 11 March 
This morning was calm and perfect  for our walk around Green Island.
Perhaps one of the most iconic spots in Green Island is the Green Island Rugby Club, who would have known it was in Armstrong Lane?
This is why we loved walking Greater Dunedin - one street at a time - because we discover these streets!

International Women's Day

Tuesday 8th Aug
Wednesday 8th March
This morning to celebrate International Womens Day we walked along Edith Street in Fairfield as part of walking Greater Dunedin.
Ron’s mother was called Edith so it seemed fitting to walk this street on this day. The photo Ron is holding up is of his darling mother, and I mean darling, he loved his mother so very much it was lovely to honour her on this special day.
Happy International Womens Day to all you beautiful women out there, from Ron, Jo and me!

A Grainy Adventure!

Tuesday 8th Aug
Saturday 18th February

This morning walking Greater Dunedin took us back to Green Island, this time to Harraway Street, home to the famous oats factory.
What a lovely spot in the city.

Taking off!

Tuesday 8th Aug
Sunday 12th February
We did it!
Last night at Dunedin airport, Jo and I ran the runway, or should I say walked the runway!
What a totally unique opportunity and if it were a street, it would probably be the greatest street in Greater Dunedin!

Keeping it Green

Tuesday 31st Jan
Saturday 28th January 2023

Back walking Greater Dunedin - one street at a time this morning, beginning 2023 with Green Island.
We started this suburb at the end of 2022 and continued on today walking Church Street and a few others.
Good news! We have some more streets to go in Green Island! Yippy!

Ho ho ho!

Thursday 12th Jan
Saturday 24th December 2022

Merry Christmas to you and yours from the Otago Farmers Market at the iconic Dunedin Railway Station.
This morning we replaced walking Greater Dunedin - one street at a time with a walk around the market to get our Christmas supplies of cherries and cheese!
Jo, Ron and I wish you a Meri Kirihimete and hope that your day tomorrow is fun, organised and relaxed!

Oh, a wonderful pudding!

Monday 19th Dec
Saturday 17th December 2022

This week Jo & I headed to Green Island as part of walking Greater Dunedin - one street at a time!

Because it was the week before Christmas it only seemed right to jump into my Christmas pudding outfit and what fun we had wishing everyone a Merry Christmas we came across on our walk around Koremata, Owen and Kayler Streets, including Main South Road.

Jo & I are thrilled to have completed our goal of walking every street in Dunedin and are happy to be at the start of our goal to walk Greater Dunedin, just in time for Christmas!

Meri Kirihimete from the Christmas Pudding and Jo and Ron.

Phew with a view

Wednesday 23rd Nov
Sunday 20th November 2022

Yesterday morning while out and about walking Greater Dunedin we just happened to find this seat in Port Chalmers.
I have been amazed at how big Port Chalmers is. Not a wonder we needed a sit down!


Thursday 10th Nov
Saturday 5th November 2022

No goal would be creditable without photographic evidence, and, with us all the way, not only today but in the past is this man, Ron Esplin!

What other husband would wear hot pink and get out of bed early on a Saturday morning but this very special man!

Jo and I love what you do and are grateful for your talent Ron.

And if you are wondering who took the photo of the photographer, it was his blind wife and her sighted guide together!

And we're off!

Thursday 10th Nov
Saturday 5th November 2022 Jo and I began our goal of walking Greater Dunedin - one street at a time.
We began this adventure with a walk around the streets of Port Chalmers, in this case, Laing Street. Greater Dunedin goes as far north as Waikouaiti, as south as Taieri Mouth, as west as Middlemarch and as east as the Pacific Ocean. It was a beautiful Dunedin day to be walking the streets and we are looking forward to returning to Port Chalmers to complete the streets in this special suburb of Greater Dunedin!