Skydiver: Peter Rickard-Green

Skydive 2020

I'm jumping out of a perfectly good plane because...

I want to make a difference for New Zealanders with vision loss. That's why I'm taking on the Blind Low Vision NZ Skydive! Every day, an average of six people turn to Blind Low Vision NZ for support with sight loss. I'm taking on this challenge so Kiwis of all ages who are blind, deafblind, or have low vision are empowered to live the lives they choose. 

I'll be jumping from at least 9,000ft and will be free-falling at over 200kmph! Please support me by making a donation to my fundraising page so that people with vision loss can live their lives without limits. Thank you in advance for your kindness!

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Scared of Heights

Saturday 10th Oct
Okay, so maybe not the best thing to do if scared of heights, but I figure this - it’s more about being scared of hitting the ground right, not falling. 

Bungy jumping on the other hand is stupid IMO. If something goes wrong you’re screwed, right? Whereas with sky diving you have plenty of time to work things out if something goes wrong as you’re much higher up, right?

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Leon Brazier

Good on you Peter, happy to support the cause



Great cause Peter and for raising awareness!! (Though not sure I agree with the freefall...)


Jonathan Laird

Good on ya Peter!!


Julie Wainwright


Stephen Simpson

Go for it Great cause




Billy Ong Seng

Great initiative Peter and good luck


Ian Coates

Great thing your doing Peter Well done you


Jacobs Christchurch

Stay safe!


Lesley Rickard

Hold tight to your jump buddy and enjoy every second 🥰


Peter Rickard-green


Gwyn Edwards


Nicki Connors

Have fun!!


Ian Coates


Stuart Green

free falling tom petty, play it!


Jack Warburton

You could just stay in the plane until it lands again, but I have heard it's much more fun to jump out halfway through the flight!


Scott Allen

Major respect for this pal.


Michael Poyser

Rather you than me brother, Enjoy the rush 🙂


Maurice Belcher

Great Idea.... jumping into the unknown... free fall


Paul Greenstreet

Did you submit a safety plan for this trip?


Ros So-beer

Great cause, Peter. Happy to support. Stay safe. Ros


Trish Howard

Best of luck Peter!


Stephen Down


John Smith

Good man Peter I'm with you in spirit.......



Good on ya Pete!


Saul Everett


Hilary Smith

Good on you Peter . You might even enjoy it in an adrenalised sort of way !!




Gaffer & Muriel

Good luck!


Jay Jeffrey

Well done you Pete,


Jodie Keyworth

Remember to pull the cord Nordic! Xx


Juliet Woodward

Woo hoo you brave man!


Hilary Flecher


Vickie Rickard-green




Juvenal Verano


Donne Wallace-hunter

Good luck!!




Bex Lilley

Blind courage!