Garage sale kennel fundraiser

By Samuel YuillProctor



My awesome dog Frodo passed away this year, he was very old, older than both of us and was always there for us when we needed him and had the happiest tail that made you laugh. I miss him a lot.

In memory of him I am having a garage sale with my brother to raise money for the new kennel
I think the new kennel sounds awesome and lots of fun for all the dogs 

We are hoping to raise $100 dollars or more - it would be great if others also gave money

Thank you a lot 😀


My Updates

Garage Sale raised $206.80 for kennel

Saturday 15th Oct
Thank you for helping me raise money - thanks a lot to Ollie and Hamish for their stuff for the garage sale and our neighbour for the strawberry plants and all the donations - thanks a lot. 

Lolly cake sales

Saturday 15th Oct
Thanks Harry and Dad for making the lolly cake to sell :-)

New kennel information

Saturday 8th Oct

Guide Dog Kennel Build Appeal

to help raise $6 million over the next 18 months to build a new kennel for our guide dogs in training. 

Our current kennels are now 35 years old

Why do we need to build this facility?

We want to provide greater open and shared spaces for our dogs to socialise. The new facility will also include a hydrotherapy pool for dogs to exercise, cool off and play, as well as a part for swimming and physio where a staff person could be walking alongside. In addition to the open spaces and areas dogs can socialise, there will be another enrichment play park that would be more controlled, that may include different surfaces to so that dogs don’t fear or avoid such surfaces in the real world (could include gravel, bark, bush walk) along with unusual structures such as statues, fountains and children’s playground equipment, to improve confidence and steps and ramps to improve balance and coordination, along with places to work on and improve recall.  

Thank you to my Sponsors


Garage Sale Money Raised




Trudy And Doug


Lolly Cake Sales





Hey Sammy - awesome effort



Well done Sammy!


Carol & Chris

Samuel such a Kind thing to do. ❤️ All the Best for your fundraising! Carol & Chris