Paying it forward on my birthday

By Vichelle Feliszza Bacalian Join Me

I’ve got everything I need, so I’m happy to dedicate my special day to New Zealanders with vision loss.

Every day six New Zealanders turn to Blind Low Vision NZ for support with sight loss. 

I can't imagine how it's like not being able to see  how beautiful the work of art the world is and the people that surround me. While it's hard for most people to thrive, it gets harder when you're not seeing everything and everyone around you.

That’s why I’m taking on this challenge to support people who are blind, deafblind, or low vision. 

Please make a donation to my fundraising page to make sure Blind Low Vision NZ can be there to provide practical and emotional support services and ultimately empower New Zealanders who are blind, deafblind, or low vision to live the life they choose.

Thanks in advance for your support!


Vichelle Feliszza