Skydiver: Yahna Gray

Skydive 2020

I'm jumping out of a perfectly good plane because...

I want to make a difference for New Zealanders with vision loss. That's why I'm taking on the Blind Low Vision NZ Skydive! Every day, an average of six people turn to Blind Low Vision NZ for support with sight loss. I'm taking on this challenge so Kiwis of all ages who are blind, deafblind, or have low vision are empowered to live the lives they choose. 

I'll be jumping from at least 9,000ft and will be free-falling at over 200kmph! Please support me by making a donation to my fundraising page so that people with vision loss can live their lives without limits. Thank you in advance for your kindness!

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To dive or not to dive...

Wednesday 25th Nov
Weather I reach the fundraising goal or not, every cent goes towards helping enhance the way others see and discover our world. 

I am an active pup sponsor already and I was offered this opportunity to be able to further support our fellow kiwis.

Much love 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Tina & Shayne Gray

You go Yah!!🪂🪂


Jenny South

Good on ya go hard.. Good cause. Free jump