These puppies want to
grow up to become guide dogs!

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There’s a waiting list of people with vision loss who need guide dogs NOW.

Please help train more guide dog puppies to become guide dogs, and change lives

It will take two years of intensive training for these guide dog puppies to become life-changing guide dogs!

Donate now, and you can help to make that training happen. Please make more guide dogs available for people with vision loss like Peter.

Peter’s world closed in on him throughout his life. As he grew older, his eyesight degraded. He lost jobs that he loved in the great outdoors, lost the independence of driving, and sadly, the last he ever saw of his motorbike was it being driven down the road by its new owner.

Peter reached out to Blind Low Vision NZ for help when he was 50. After a three-year wait, he was connected with Ayla – thanks to donations from generous people like you. His life reopened, giving him back his freedom, independence and confidence.

Please give a gift to give independence and confidence to another person who is waiting for a guide dog right now!

Today, Peter competes in biathlons, he goes into town independently, and his wife took a six-week holiday – in full faith that he would be absolutely fine on his own with Ayla.

A guide dog has transformed Peter’s life. A donation from you today will help reopen someone else’s world too.

Help train a guide dog puppy to become a life-changing guide dog like Ayla. Donate now and you’ll make sure there are more guide dogs, ready to open up the world for more people like Peter.