Got a question? 

Have a look at our frequently asked questions. If yours isn't on there, get in touch, we'll be happy to help!

I've got cash from an event at work or school, how can I donate it? 

The easiest way is to bank the money to yourself then donate back to your fundraising page with a comment about where it came from. This also means it will be added to the total on your page. If this isn’t possible, just get in touch

Can I use the Blind Low Vision NZ logo?

If you’d like to use the Blind Low Vision NZ logo during your fundraising please get in touch. We can give you a high resolution file, we just ask that you send us anything with the logo on it before you share it.

I’m holding an event, do you have any gear I can use?

For sure! We have stickers, balloons, and other gear you can use, just get in touch.

Can you help me with a letter for my boss about holding an event at work?

Certainly, just get in touch!

I want to find out if my work matches fundraising. How can I do this?

We suggest speaking with your manager, and if they don’t know the HR team will usually be the ones to speak to.

My work does match funds, but they need proof and a bank account to put money into. Can you give me this?

Fantastic! We can certainly give you whatever documentation you need, just get in touch.